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Internships & Digital Programs


Unmutedco internships are fast-paced acceleration hubs for young professional desiring to experience the modern digital workplace. Each program mirrors multiple roles within each divisions and applicants are tailored to activities that directly correlate with their interests.

The UMCO DI program has been matured over the last 10 years and added the virtual digital component in 2017.  Our global virtual digital internship program has welcomed over 500 participants since 2017 and over 10,000 applicants.


Program Highlights

The workforce in the United States has changed drastically over the last 50 years. In 2016, our leaders started to discuss how we could address the disparities in knowledge and experience that were happening — and how much more they were happening to students of color.  Many of our primary business functions interface with the global business and entertainment landscape that often maintain a “who you know” culture.

We decided to change the narrative.

  • Cost of college is crippling

    The cost to attend most four-year colleges and universities in the United States has more than tripled since 1985. College tuition is up over 135%, wages aren’t and students aren’t able to maximize their enrollment time on finding the right job.

  • The “industry” is hard to break into

    It’s been long said that the ‘industry,’ albeit technology, business or entertainment is all about who you know.  This fact is often discouraging and disparaging.

  • Mass transit has limitations

    86% of college students and 54% of college students wish they had better “access” to their workplaces. This includes virtual and digital experiences – and unlike the workforce, internships haven’t been able to catch up with this problem.

We revamped our thoughts around what an “internship” should be and how we would contribute. Our leaders understand that we now know people learn in different ways. The UMCO Internship experience is designed to mirror that truth and our digital programs now make that possible.  One day one, UMCO interns begin interfacing with our workforce and join exciting projects around the firm.  This engagement model mirrors our experienced hire onboarding model and allows interns to regularly contribute to a professional environment, without prejudice.

  • Skills that immediately combat the cost and pressure weighing on students

    While each UMCO DI program is different, each program has defined solid goals and objectives.  Interns are immediately enrolled in core skill programs through Unmuted Academy, opening doors to career aspirations  (coding, programming, project management, audio and video production) that typically exceed one’s initial expectation.  Within 3-months, all internships develop the ability to become billable company resources.  Compensation for programs varies.

  • We are the industry.

    Disparities among Americans is not breaking news; those disparities among Black and brown students are clear and we are addressing that head on. In addition to our proprietary content, television and radio networks, we have global partners in all areas of our business that support this initiative.  Unmutedco interns work with industry leaders in every aspect.  The landscape of our program also fosters immediately networking and growth. 

  • Fully remote, no cap

    As we globally grapple with the current math and hopefully future aftermath of a global pandemic, our firm has had the opportunity to instantly pivot to a remote model, mostly in thanks to our virtual internship program.  Our virtual program is celebrated among corporations and touted by universities as one of the most rigorous and competitive. For virtual-enabled programs, participants will remain virtual through the full duration. Hybrid opportunities are available to participants that are local office adjacent.

    All worktools are provided by UMCO. 

Our program includes career-focused young adults – and it’s because they asked for it. Conventional education methods are always encouraged, but the stats show it’s unlikely that most people learn the traditional way.  DI programs have been open to students and non-students alike, yielding unpredicted and unprecedented results.  A testament to the success of this program are the young leaders transforming global workplaces like Google, Amazon, SiriusXM, CNN, ABC and Triton, all crediting their time at UMCO.

  • Decision makers.

    Unmutedco interns have the knowhow and agility to make experienced, calculated decisions in pressurized situations. From matriculation, participants are tasked with managing intense meeting and planning schedules, building global relationships and tracking the progress of multi-faceted projects.  As interns, our staff considers them professionals — which means they are crucial part of each decision made in our business units.

  • Excellence, agility and focus on day 1

    Day1 is an Unmutedco core value that travels with our graduates to future firms and organizations.  With a solid mix of ‘start-up’ and ‘corporate’ methods applied throughout the organization, our participants have spent the time in long meetings, town halls and sudden org changes.

  • The return.

    Our operation is small in stature in comparison to many of our perceived competitors — small hearts and minds accomplish big things!  Our global team is swells quarterly from 300-400 associates, depending on the requirements from our clients and communities.  We never have enough opportunities to keep all of our interns — they never want to leave.

    Today, 20% of our internal workforce has been a participant in an Unmutedco internship program.  The rest of them are busy running the world!

Graduates of any Unmutedco intern program are eligible for Residency’s at UMCO. Residence program requirements stipulate participants complete an eligible internship program before applying for the UMCO Residence Apprenticeship program.

Paid residency commences on the completion day of any Unmutedco internship program. Details are predicated by UMCO DI programs and reporting managers.

Interns are eligible to complete an Unmutedco residency up to two years after completing an UMCO internship.

Acceptance into an UMCO residence program is not guaranteed.

Digital Programs
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