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Catalyst Next Announces Acquisition by UnmutedCo.

Atlanta, GA – May 31, 2018 – Catalyst Next, formerly Catalyst Media Group announced a major decision affecting all locations today.   For the last 8 years, Catalyst Next has been committed to transforming families and communities one by one by offering services that meet the needs of urban small business and powering communication networks to emerging urban areas.

In January 2018, Catalyst leadership came together to decide a future strategy forward.  While making slight tweaks to the governing board, the leadership proposed an option to form a new entity – one that embodied the mission and passion of our company.  The answer to this dillema was the formation of UnmutedCo. – a company committed to ‘unmuting’ mainstream abilities within emerging communities.  Amidst this decision, the Catalyst Next governing board voted unanimously to align and agreed to become acquired by the new entity, UnmutedCo.

Effective, June 1, 2018 – Catalyst Next offices will open as UnmutedCo.  UnmutedCo. will have two headquarters locations, one in Atlanta and the other in New York.

About UnmutedCo.

UnmutedCo. is an emergent entertainment boutique.  The UnmutedCo. offers professional services for businesses and brands, micro-ed training and skill development programs and is home to unmuted News & Entertainment.



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