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Unmutedco Launches NOIRBOOK and Endustry to Empower Black Entrepreneurs and Creatives

April 26, 2024 — Unmutedco, a pioneering Black-owned media, technology, and consulting firm, is proud to announce the launch of two revolutionary services designed to support and amplify the efforts of Black business owners and content creators. These platforms, NOIRBOOK and Endustry, are tailored to meet the unique needs of the Black community, empowering users through technology and innovation.

**Introducing NOIRBOOK**

NOIRBOOK, accessible at [noirbook.io](https://noirbook.io), is an innovative appointment and meeting scheduling platform specifically created for Black entrepreneurs and business owners. This platform streamlines the process of managing bookings, allowing users to focus on growing their businesses and fostering connections within the community. NOIRBOOK is designed with ease of use in mind, providing a robust toolset that includes customizable scheduling options, integrated payment systems, and advanced analytics to track growth and engagement.

**Launching Endustry**

Endustry, available at [endustry.me](https://endustry.me), is a dynamic donation and support platform tailored for content creators, freelancers, and other creative professionals. It provides a secure and transparent way for creatives to receive support directly from their audiences. Endustry not only facilitates financial contributions but also fosters a sense of community and direct engagement between creators and their supporters, helping turn passion projects into sustainable careers.


A Continued Commitment to Community and Innovation

“Unmutedco is committed to leveraging technology to support and enhance the Black community,” said Alex Haynes, Managing Partner at Unmutedco. “With NOIRBOOK and Endustry, we are providing the tools and resources necessary for entrepreneurs and creatives to thrive in an increasingly digital economy. These platforms are more than just business tools; they are a part of our broader mission to foster economic empowerment and creativity within the Black community.”

Unmutedco invites all to explore NOIRBOOK and Endustry as we take significant steps together towards building a more inclusive and prosperous future.


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Unmutedco is a Black-owned media, technology, and consulting firm that operates at the intersection of innovation and cultural empowerment. By developing platforms like NOIRBOOK and Endustry, Unmutedco continues to break down barriers and create opportunities that advance the interests and successes of Black business owners and creatives worldwide.




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