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Urban Newsroom becomes Unmuted

New York, NY – 2/28/2023 – UnmutedCo.’s Urban Newsroom the longstanding Black-inspired newsroom is undergoing an official name change. Urban Newsroom becomes Unmuted Newsroom wearing the Unmuted News moniker on March 01, 2023. We are emotional and excited about this change.

Urban Newsroom was birthed out of the heart and strategic Unmutedco strategy team over a decade ago. The lack of coverage yielded solid frustration but yielded an effervescent and passionate team of news professionals. Since then, UNR has worked to build strong and lasting relationships with Black news entities nationally and globally, seeking solid partnership, coverage and content. Unmuted Newsroom continues that purpose in line with the core values and 2030 vision of parent company Unmutedco.

UnmutedCo.’s senior leadership team touts over 40 years of collective experience in the news and entertainment business, with the full belief that informed communities are effective communities.  For too long inaccurate and exploitative coverage has been harmful to Black and brown communities.  Unmuted Newsroom and associated brands BLK ALERTS and NoirPlus News continue to shift changes in this industry by providing breaking and continuous coverage of happenings within the Black collective, featuring short form local and national news coverage, guided community alerts, access to black news & talk radio and a daily aggregated ‘Top 5 black news stories’ podcast.

Today, Unmuted Newsroom partners and subscribers are presented the option of receiving breaking push alerts about local and national community happenings, live audio and video content through BLK ALERTS radio or the option to sign up for the daily BLK ALERTS newsletter. App users also have the unique ability to share stories, pictures and video directly with our newsroom.

Whether it’s a rogue police department or the latest black child prodigy, BNA enables more accurate storytelling that better serves the community by providing the ability to share their own narratives.

Blk Alerts is available in the Apple and Google Play app stores.
NoirPlus+ News is available on the Noir+ Streaming Platform, available on smart-TV devices.




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