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We have high standards and take pride in all we do
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Unmutedco is the leading urban digital broadcast, content and service company in the United States, reaching 7 out of 10 Black and brown Americans each month – and it’s 200 million user reach, there are no signs of slowed growth.

UMCO’s leadership position in audio extends across multiple platforms including more than 860+ live partner broadcast stations; it’s BossFM digital service available across more than 50 platforms and 2,000 devices including smart speakers, smartphones, TVs and gaming consoles; through its influencers; social; branded iconic live music events; and podcasts.

UMCO also leads the urban audio industry in analytics and attribution technology for its marketing partners, using data from its massive consumer base.

Code of Ethics

The integrity of UNMUTEDCO, LLC (“Company”) is one of our most valuable assets and vital to the success of our Company. Each of our directors, executive officers and employees are personally responsible for conducting our business in a way that demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of integrity. For this reason, our Board of Directors has adopted this Code of Ethics (“Code”) to:

  • Promote honest and ethical conduct
  • Promote full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure
  • Promote compliance with applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations; and deter wrongdoing

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.
Invest in founders building the future.

Invest as little as $100 in a Black business you believe in. Investment in Black businesses garners exposure to some of the latest and cutting edge developments in technology & culture.



We have no great priority; the odds are against us. Time after time, we’ve discovered that our strategic investment in people like us makes all of the difference


Wealth distribution is impossible in our communities without sustainable infrastructure. Our agreement with the community dictates that we lead in this space; ensuring all of our offerings align with this vision is key.


Private means flexible; open, honest and transparent is the way as we lead in this space of community growth.  Learn more about our governing board.


Most of our clients come to us after working with another consultant or not getting the results they were expecting from implementing Tabs3 or PracticeMaster on their own. Regardless of your circumstances, chances are we can help you in reaching your objectives and provide a clear cost/time savings benefit analysis before you make the commitment. This is the cornerstone of everything we do. We care about your law firm, your people, your specific needs, and results that you can use and measure immediately. Our clients entrust us to solve difficult problems in a manner that is secure and confidential from our first contact with them. Trust is the first attribute our clients recognize when we discuss solutions rather than problems.


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