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Unmuted Academy Launches Groundbreaking Course on Black History for States in Denial


November 14, 2023

New York, NY – Unmuted Academy, a leading educational platform committed to empowering marginalized voices and promoting diversity, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary course: Black History for States in Denial. Set to commence on November 17th, this immersive 6-week program aims to confront the alarming rise of book bans and attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT), particularly in the southern United States. With the deliberate elimination of Black History in Florida and Arkansas, Unmuted Academy’s new course stands as a powerful weapon against this erasure.

Designed as a live experience with multiple sessions held throughout the 6-week period, Black History for States in Denial provides a much-needed platform to teach and celebrate the vibrant tapestry of African American history. By delving into crucial topics, such as the contributions of Black individuals throughout history, the systemic challenges faced by Black communities, and the ongoing fight for racial justice, this course equips participants with in-depth knowledge and a deeper understanding of the African American experience.

In response to the urgent need for wider dissemination of this vital information, Unmuted Academy offers variations of the course tailored for schools, non-profit organizations, and churches interested in fostering inclusivity and promoting the truth. By embracing this comprehensive approach to education, participants can actively combat ignorance, challenge stereotypes, and contribute towards dismantling systemic racism.

Unmuted Academy calls upon educators, community leaders, and individuals committed to truth and justice to join us in this essential endeavor. Register today and be part of the transformative journey that Black History for States in Denial offers. For more information or to secure your spot, please contact our dedicated team at 929-296-4100 or visit our website at www.unmutedacademy.com.

Unmuted Academy stands unwavering, resolute in its mission to amplify voices that have been silenced, undeniably affirming the rich tapestry of Black history. Let us unite in this historic fight, dismantling the walls of ignorance, and uncovering the truth together. Together, we will rewrite narratives and create a society that celebrates the richness of diversity and embraces the power of knowledge.

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